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Sterilox Fresh focuses on solutions that make fresh retail products safer, fresher, and longer lasting.

The Sterilox Fresh System and ProduceFresh are the standard in leading supermarket chains to keep produce fresher longer and to address cross-contamination.

Enhance Quality | Improve Margins | Reduce Labor | Protect Brands

  • Protect against harmful pathogens and spoilage organisms
  • Reduce labor associated with trimming and case cleaning
  • Make a step change in reducing category shrink
  • Enhance the shelf life and quality of fresh produce
  • Enhance your brand's fresh image

Sterilox Fresh Overview

Quality and Food Safety Solution

The Sterilox Fresh System generates a natural, green food-safe sanitizer that kills harmful pathogens on contact to protect against cross contamination in retail produce crisping and misting programs, cut fruit, and seafood programs. And now, you can get the same great food-safe sanitizer in a bottled concentrate format with new ProduceFresh. These electrolyzed water solutions also kill spoilage organisms to keep perishable products safer, fresher, longer.

If you'd like our Microbiology Research Package demonstrating how the Sterilox Fresh System and ProduceFresh control cross-contamination of pathogens and spoilage micro-organisms, contact us.


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Sterilox Fresh System and ProduceFresh

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